Overlooked Poison

What if we are being lied to? What if the products that we are told will keep our teeth clean, our armpits sweat free, and our skin smelling good, contain chemicals that are slowly killing us? Yet again, I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell you that these questions are notContinue reading “Overlooked Poison”

The Heavy Gift

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a burning desire to help and save people, often to a fault. When I began dating, I usually found myself attracted to boys who needed saving. My friendships were often with people who were lonely and just needed someone to befriend them. I felt asContinue reading “The Heavy Gift”

Chronic Illness: A Worldwide Phenomenon

Despite the technology and extreme medical advances that continue to be made throughout the world, overall health continues to plummet. Over 50% of the entire world is chronically ill and yet major pharmaceutical companies take the main stage for most things health related. While I am certainly not opposed to pharmaceutical medications, I believe theirContinue reading “Chronic Illness: A Worldwide Phenomenon”

An Ongoing Journey

You self destroy without hesitation, almost as if you believe it is your purpose. In a society of unrealistic body images that plaster billboards and social media, self hatred and insecurities surrounding physical appearance are battles that many of us go to war with daily. My journey to self love has been nothing shy ofContinue reading “An Ongoing Journey”

Organic vs Non-Organic: Does it Really Matter?

You are probably crossing your fingers, hoping to read that buying and eating organic doesn’t really make a difference. While I wish that was the case, considering the price difference between the two, it really does matter what you put into your body. What does it mean for something to be organic? Organic vs non-organicContinue reading “Organic vs Non-Organic: Does it Really Matter?”

Plastic: An Endocrine Disruptor

            The endocrine system is responsible for hormone production and regulation and is comprised of many important glands, including the thyroid, pituitary glands, and adrenal glands, in addition to ovaries in females and testes in males. Hormones play a crucial role in nearly all processes within the human body; thus, a hormone imbalance can causeContinue reading “Plastic: An Endocrine Disruptor”